Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Putting Yourself In Their Shoes - However Uncomfortable They May Be!

As the times are changing, communication is better than ever. We can talk to somebody face-to-face using our phones, get in touch with people across the other side of the world in the click of a button and can walk along having a conversation with somebody using just an earpiece instead of making the phone.

This is great news for those who need to use this technological feat for work purposes. And as easy as it is for us to call another person, it is making our excuses easier for moving across the country - whether it be for business, pleasure or just a change of scenery and lifestyle.

Are you taking everybody into consideration?

Apart from thinking about yourself and your spouse, who else have you thought that you may be impacting with your move? Forget about those that you are leaving behind - it is more likely the ones that you are taking with you who will be at the very least a bit shaken up by the whole ordeal. When you have children, their emotions are highly fragile and sensitive at such a tender time of their life. Have you prepared everything for them?

Make the move as simple as possible

The last thing that kids want to see when their lives are being turned upside down are the pillars of stability falling down with it. You are their main support whether you like it or not; don’t let the stress of the move get to you, or at least try not to show it. By having everything in place and in order, this will minimize any potential stress considerably. Especially with cross country moves, you’d be better off organizing everything to go in one go rather than zipping back and forth in an effort that could take days if not weeks to complete. Use a van courier and delivery driver to help take away some of work.


You probably have a lot of life experiences to go off to help you on your new journey. Your children don’t, or at the very least won’t have as many. If this is their first big move then they are going to be away from their family, their friends and life as they know it. If you are moving from a city to the country or vice versa then it will be even harder an adjustment for them to make. Remember to constantly reassure that this is the right decision (even if it’s not!) and that everything will be okay; you could even reference the film Inside Out and play it to show that all can turn out right in the end. Let them know that they can visit ‘home’ any time and remain optimistic about it all - if there is even a hint of doubt or pessimism in your voice, they will pick up on it as they are looking for the worry to hold on to. Keep calm and collected and this will pass on to them too.

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