Friday, February 17, 2017

Naturally Fun Ways to Get Outside with Your Kids

Sending your kids off to play is a great way to get rid of them when you need a break. But you don't always want to send them off to do their own thing. They're growing up fast, and you don't want to miss out on too much with them. Perhaps you want to join in with their play, but you're not sure how or if you're welcome. Playing with your kids outside can help to keep you fit, and it gives you time to bond. But you have to be able to keep up and make it fun for them, or they won't want you tagging along. Try these ideas to get outside with your kids.

Be Willing to Run Around

If you want your children to keep fit and run around, you have to be willing to join them. Leading by example is the best way to pass on your values to your kids. So if you want them to have a healthy attitude to exercise, show them that you're happy to back up your words with your actions. If you're not used to running around, it might take you awhile to get used to it. But the more you play soccer or touch football or join in with a race, the easier it will get to keep up with your kids. You can even go on runs together.

Get Some Wheels

If you're not that keen on running, getting something with wheels can change things. You can get a bike, look at scooters for sale, or even try a pair of rollerskates. Whether your kids are on their own wheels or just on their feet, you'll be able to keep up with them. If they like going to the skatepark, you can join them and maybe even try out some tricks together. You could go for a bike ride together, and even put smaller ones in a seat or trailer if they're too young to have their own bicycle.

Encourage Playing Pretend

The world is a big place, and it's easy to turn it into a land fit for adventure. Whether you're in your backyard or roaming a forest, there are so many ways for the kids to use their imagination. You can help them get started and encourage them to keep going. If you feel like you don't have a great imagination, it's easy to find some ideas online.

Explore Nature Together

Another way to explore when you're outside is to pay attention to nature. You can help your children to do this by giving them activities to do and helping them out with them. For inspiration, just look online for nature activities for kids. You can print out some activity sheets, use pieces of paper to draw and write things down, or even buy some simple tools like magnifying glasses or binoculars. You might find yourself enjoying nature just as much as the kids do.

You don't have to send off the kids on their own whenever they play outside. Join in and have fun with them while they'll still let you.

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