Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Mid-Life Joint Issues? Here's What I'm Doing to Work on That

For some reason, last year around my 45th birthday my body started freaking out on me. I have always been a walker ... walking a couple of miles a day no problem as well as about 5,000 steps a day just living my normal life. Slowly I started to notice my left knee was hurting and my hip as well (more like toward the pelvis). In the fall I went to a physical therapist, who helped some by kneading my IT band (Google it ... I had no idea it connected to so much stuff) until I nearly cried and was sweating from the pain (and I've given birth naturally before, friends, so when I say it hurt, I mean it FLIPPING HURT). I got a big roller for my butt and IT band. I got a tiny rolling pin on Amazon to carry around for on the go. One day they put me on the Pilates machine after pretty much ignoring me for other, double-booked patients, the machine made things worse, and I didn't go back.

I went to my doctor and he was unhelpful. I was thinking an X-ray of my pelvic region and knee just in case but he's like, "Stretch and walk with your toes more pointed out."

Neither of these professionals told me to take a supplement and I started to wonder why they wouldn't recommend that along with the stretching and exercises. They just kind of had an attitude like, "Oh, you're just getting older and are 5'2" and weigh 155 pounds so there you go [although neither of them told me to lose weight, which they SHOULD HAVE]."

So I said, "Forget you guys. I'm doing this my dang self. I'm going to take a pill supplement and then I'm going to try this powder. And if those don't work I'm  hitting a chiropractor next."

I just started on this supplement but want to hit it hard once my pills are gone. It's a once a day thing. Stinks bad but tastes good so don't be put off by the smell and I'm sure my joints are going to thank me for this, according to reviews.

ProAlphaNutrition is, interestingly enough, co-owned by a KC family we met in Wyoming in 2012! They also have stuff like greens and other healthy things so check them out!

Got this on Amazon and I take 2 a day usually
You really have to continue using these products to see any results. I used the pills for over a month before I realized that I was going to bed without Advil and I wasn't crying at the end of the day from pain. Back in December I was so depressed and resigned to gaining weight from lack of exercise (my love = walking) and I had no hope. But I am not a hopeless kind of girl. I am a happy girl so I gave supplements a shot and so far so good. I am not 100% ... I have to take it slow. But now a 10,000-step day, which before would have been impossible and very painful to try to sleep through later, is not really such a big deal. I do have to stretch or muscles get too tight but so far I'm not doing a huge list of exercises. Sometimes I do have to massage my IT band but that's to be expected.

How are your joints? Upper or lower. Are you noticing your mobility changing in your 40s?