Thursday, August 11, 2016

Six Signs That You Are Psychic

Today's guest post is an interesting one. I grew up in a pretty open-minded household, so when you say words like "psychic" I don't freak out. I know for a fact I have psychic abilities because I am the ONLY FLIPPING ONE IN THE HOUSE who can ever find anything when it is lost. I psychically know where things are when they are lost. I visualize them and they appear. Just kidding. I walk around praying to find them and I MOVE THINGS and I LOOK FOR THEM. Cool, huh?

Six signs that you are psychic

                Most of us have experienced unexplained things at least once during our lifetime. How many times did you have a distinctive hunch which came true later on?  Perhaps you saw death of a loved one or felt as if you could see faraway places? If these or similar things have happened to you, there is a high chance that you have psychic powers.
                Individuals with such abilities are able to see reality well beyond normal perception. Given that we are living in the 21st century, people are very skeptical, believing that this is nothing more than an empty superstition. However, keep in mind that psychic abilities are something that are mentioned in every major religion, starting from the dawn of time.
                Here are the six common signs that will help you discover whether or not you are psychic. 

1.       You know when the phone is going to ring and who is on the line
Keep in mind that, in this case, there is space for a mistake. If you are constantly keeping in touch with a same person, then this cannot be called a special power. But, if a person calls you after a long time without previous contact, you just might be psychic. Same goes for any other type of communication such as email or social network messages. In these situations, a gifted individual is able to clearly see the caller in their mind.
2.       You can feel when a member of your family is in grave danger
How many times have you heard about airplane accidents where one passenger purposely missed a flight because his wife or husband pleaded him/her not to go? Naturally, every voyage has its risks and it is normal for us to be concerned about the safety of the loved ones. But, if your inner feelings start running rampant, forcing you to prevent your loved one from taking said voyage, it is likely that you have special powers.
3.       Places which you have never visited look familiar
Some individuals have power of far sight. They are able to notice faraway places as well as hidden objects. Even though they might not realize this, they have a complete mental map of a specific house, area and city. Usually, they are not aware of this fact until they visit the mentioned place. At that moment, their previous memories will resurface. Like most other abilities, this one is initially uncontrollable and it appears randomly.
4.       You are having dreams that later on come true
We all have very vivid dreams. This is completely normal. In certain situations, individual might have a dream which feels even more realistic. To top it all off, this dream comes true after a while. Unlike other dreams, those that prophesize the future are much more different in form and are almost tangible.
5.       You can feel and learn things simply by touching another person
After shaking hands with an unknown person you are able to discover certain personal things about him such as city of origin and his profession. But, this power doesn’t only appear when touching people. It may also appear after touching an object. After that, you are able to describe its history, including information about his owner. This high level of perception is quite common for gifted people.
6.       Psychics are able to tell what is on other people’s mind
When we say that someone is psychic, first thing that we have in our mind is the fact that this individual is able to read other people’s thoughts. Now, there is a lot of room for debate. As we all know, each individual has a particular vocabulary and habits. In that regard, there are certain things which we can or cannot expect from somebody. This power pertains to individuals who are able to sense unusual behavior and out of the ordinary thoughts.

If you are manifesting one or more of these abilities, there is a high chance that you are psychic. However, you have to take it with a grain of salt. For example, if you truly wish to be psychic, you might convince yourself of this, regardless of whether or not you are right. But, in case that you truly possess special powers, you can use them to help others and make their lives better. 

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