Thursday, August 18, 2016

Don't Let Your Kids Drift Apart From Their Grandparents

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The relationship between your kids and their grandparents is a very special one. It teaches your kids how to respect their elders and lets them learn more about their family history. Your parents can also benefit from seeing their grandchildren. It can stop them from getting lonely, and their presence can make them feel young. Being part of their upbringing will also mean the world to them. But as wonderful as this bond can be, it can also be easy for your children and their grandparents to drift apart. So whether there are miles between them or not, here are some fun ways to keep their relationship strong.

Communicate via letters

Most kids might see letter writing as old fashioned. But it’s a brilliant way of corresponding with their grandparents. Your kids can draw pictures and inform their grandparents about school and their friends. Your parents can write back and tell your kids about their senior companion program or a hobby they’ve started. This is a fantastic way for them to learn more about one another by asking questions. Your parents might want to know what your son’s favorite sports team is. Or your daughter might want to ask what life was like when your parents were her age. The letters can also be used as mementos and keepsakes to look back on in years to come. Whether they write once a month or a week, it will give both parties something to look forward to.

Introduce them to video calls

If your parents live far away, and your children don’t see them often, phone calls might seem like the only way they can communicate. While this is an option, video calling can be even better. If they don’t already have one, you could buy your parents a smartphone or tablet which they can use to video call your kids. You can organize for them to call multiple times a week during family activities. Your parent might want to help homeschool their grandparents by video calling during their lesson. Or your kids might want to them to read them a bedtime story. Video calling bridges the gap between relatives who live far away and helps everyone stay more connected.

Encourage them to start a project

Encouraging your kids and your parents to start a project is a fantastic way of helping them bond. This gives them a chance to learn a lot from each other. Your Mom could teach your kids how to sew or bake a cake. Or your Dad could help them build a treehouse or fort in your garden. Your kids could also teach their grandparents the words to a song or how to play a board game. During these major or minor projects, they have endless opportunities to talk and have fun together.

So don’t let your kids and their grandparents drift apart. Use these ideas or come up with some of your own to help build and maintain this special bond. Even the smallest activity can create a lifetime of memories that your family can treasure.

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