Saturday, November 28, 2015

Live Ultimate Whole Sun Care Facial Sunscreen and Tinted Primer #Organic #LiveUltimate

I recently received  a full-size Live Ultimate Whole Sun Care Facial Sunscreen Tinted Primer to review. I don't usually use sunscreen in the fall and winter so I just recently tried some and I have to say I love it! I was afraid it would be too thick and would make my face feel like I had a bunch of makeup on or something but I don't feel it on at all! It feels nourishing and adds a burst of moisture to my dry, Midwest winter skin!

It has just a tiny bit of tint so it matched my face just fine. I can't wait to also try it out come summer when I am putting sunscreen on my 40-something face daily at the pool. Of course, I will also be breaking this out this winter when I go sledding with the kids or when we play outside!

Here are some of the great things I see about this product:

  • It contains astaxanthin and other powerful antioxidants that are especially great for aging skin like mine
  • It's all natural and mineral based
  • It's made with organic ingredients
  • Broad spectrum SPF 30
  • 21% Zinc Oxide
Check out their other products here on their Facebook page

Here's how you can purchase it! Update: April 24, 2016 used this product today on 9 people and a little goes a long way. The slight tint makes us all have a healthy glow in pictures but it doesn't look like some obnoxious fake tan :-)

P.S. I might make a small profit if you click the link and purchase. Just wanted to let you know!

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