Monday, June 29, 2015

Sunday Family Fun at My House, June Edition When Daddy is in Town

Sunday mornings.

My kids gripe because it's going to be a boring day because we go to church and we pick up the house and we don't go anywhere to spend money, don't go to the pool, aren't allowed to get online or play games and yet by the end of the day ...

we have all had the BEST DAY EVER.

Callie and I walked home together from church and chatted. And yesterday I got a nap, people. A nap. Shocking. And while I did that Mr. Kerrie baked and cooked with various kids while others did iron-on (Perler) beads and played in the water with the neighbors.

Sam got funky and tried on Joel's old Scout shirt and ended up wearing it all day and sleeping in it. Here he is also sporting his new haircut given by Mommy!

I also scrapbooked while the kids did their iron-on beads and we chatted and joked and had fun.

And my amazing gourmet cook husband made Joel's belated birthday dinner and banana cream pie! This included a grilled appetizer of bacon-wrapped shrimp stuff with cream cheese and jalapenos!

We watched Men in Black II while having some pie!

And Mr. Kerrie is off work all week so pretty much all week is going to be like Sunday only WITH some Minecraft and SkyWars and WITH the swimming pool. Toss in a Scout meeting, a birthday party (click here to fast forward to this boy turning 16), a little homeschooling, feeding a friend's cat and a potential spend-the-night for one or more of the kids, and you have a fun week!

Here's hoping your week is just awesome!

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