Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Make Money to Write About Your Kids in Magazine Articles

No, I am not pregnant. Let's just get that out of the way.

But I did kinda give birth, in my own little writer world. I got the 6th edition of my ebook of parenting and family writing markets and helps uploaded to as the Kindle edition. It feels good to have it done! Here's the info about it here.

I found about 50 new markets and got rid of the ones that had folded or were not reliable for paying. The ebook still includes regional parenting magazine information for publications like San Diego Family, Kansas City Parent, Houston Family, Pittsburgh Parent and a ton more. It also has publications like all the Cricket Magazine Group publications (Spider, Ladybug, etc.), homeschooling publications and other nationals like Working Mother, Parents, FamilyFun and so many more. There are also online opportunities like, The Dabbling Mum, blogging for Brain, Child and so on!

As a lot of you know, I have been writing for magazines since about 2006 and in 2009 put together the first edition of this ebook to help others do the same. I'm happy people still use it to get published, and I have been in over 140 publications and am getting ready to add more in March! In fact, the bigger news is that I'm working on getting it into a print version. It will be a fabulous reference book for those wanting to get published in magazines, complete with guidelines, websites and email addresses. There is even a table at the back of both versions with all 285 market names with email addresses.

Tell your writer friends, please, and leave me a review on Amazon, please!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Guest Blogger: Stop Judging Big Families, Please

Today I have a guest blogger. Okay, so she didn't set out to be that, but she ALWAYS says the best stuff on Facebook but doesn't have a lot of interest or time to mess with making her own blog. I simply MUST get some of her stories out there for the world, though! I'm about to compile all her best Book of Faces posts and make them into some sort of rockin' ebook as a gift for her and the world!

Anyway, here is what I found today and it's sad how people can be sometimes but awesome how she has an attitude of loving her life anyway. I remember people saying things to my own mother sometimes about how she only had one kid and when was she having another and she had no plans to do so. Why do we think this is our business?

We preach REPRODUCTIVE FREEDOM from the hilltops, we feminists, and yet we can't stay out of each other's child-making -- or lack of -- business! You could be saying something VERY hurtful to a woman with "only" one child. Maybe she just had a miscarriage yesterday. Maybe she had her fifth miscarriage yesterday. Stop judging such things and worry about something more important, please! If I ask you for money or help, THEN you can judge me and castigate me. Until then, please zip it!

P.S. Be careful about what you say around a mother when her children are near. They can hear you. If you act like a big family is a crappy thing, these kids are taking that in and it's confusing to them because they probably LOVE their life and don't understand where such ignorance is coming from!

Here is Elizabeth Hammond, my dear and lovely friend:

Funny thing this society is.

Seriously, what has happened to America?

Someone that delivered me sandwiches in a beat-up Ford just told me she was 'so sorry' when she saw my 6 kids standing at the door.
'So sorry?' I said.

'They are SO expensive!!' she said while scratching her head.

'Perspective, honey,' I said. 'You are delivering sandwiches. I am raising human beings that thrill me, love me, hug me, laugh with me, comfort me.'

Can I just be brutally honest with you, Facebook? 

Next time you pass a mamma with children, whether ONE or TEN, do NOT judge, do NOT pity, DO NOT feel empathy for her because she has 'mighty arrows'. She's is doing the MOST important job that could ever exist in this life. The days are long and tireless, some are very unrewarding. She doesn't take a salary and she certainly doesn't look like a celebrity. 

This job is special, not for everyone. 

It's mine, I was called.

Now go deliver your sandwiches so I can play LEGOS, nurse a baby, wipe a bottom, cuddle in my tiny double bed with my six kids while we watch Magic School Bus, and eat kettle corn. I'll go then unload the dishes for the third time, change the laundry over for the 6th time, wipe peepee off the floor in the bathroom and change out of my jammies into yoga pants by 4pm. Perspective, baby.


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

#WeightLoss Tip This Week: Don't Beat Yourself Up

Today's #WeightWatchers Weigh-In #12PoundsIn12Weeks Challenge February 10, 2015

Today's tip from me as a veteran of trying to lose weight and knowing how to do it in a healthy way is ... DON'T BEAT YOURSELF UP!

I went to this week's weigh-in knowing I was not going to lose any weight and I was okay with that. I have discovered Moscato wine after being a lifetime non-drinker and enjoy a glass a night now so that adds food points to my life. Saturday was my daughter's birthday and she wanted some yummy foods. I had no willpower and had mozzarella sticks, chicken strips, salmon, mashed potatoes, chocolate. Every time I ate something I logged it. I knew I had used all my daily points all week plus all my 49 points for the week and was heading into my activity points, of which I don't get a ton.

I was okay with this! I really enjoyed the food I ate and knew that it didn't mean I was abandoning the plan or giving up. I was having some treats that I wanted. Then Sunday was a nice day so I walked, walked, walked. Monday night I always do the treadmill at the gym so there was that. But I was not about to become some sort of Exercise Anorexic over the whole deal!

(By the way, I took my youngest for vaccines yesterday and HATED IT and it really stresses me out so we all got Sheridan's wedding cake concretes afterward, and I no clue how many points are in one of those puppies ... maybe like a zillion?! LOL! But, dammit, I deserved that. I knew I was comforting myself and my kids with it and it's not the best thing to do but sometimes we do things anyway.)

So be nice to yourself and don't beat yourself up! You deserve treats, just log them when you have them. And get some exercise on a nice day :-)

P.S. I lost a pound somehow at today's weigh-in. Today starts a new week and I'll see you back here next week!

Weight loss for this week = 1.0 pounds after last week's 0.2-pound loss
Total weight loss since January 6 = 6.6 pounds (159.4 to 152.8)

On a personal note, here's my walking story for National Walking Day a couple of years ago with an update.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

#Jamberry Discontinued List Spring 2015

Here is the Jamberry Going Going Gone! List for Spring 2015. These wraps are going bye bye forever on February 28, 2015 so get them while they last! Then on March 1 you can start ordering from the NEW CATALOG! I have seen it in PDF format. I can't share it but it's awesome, as always! You can order from me directly here or email me and ask me anything about Jamberry nail wraps, having an online party with me or signing up as one of my team members for a career you will have a blast with!

I will miss Daisy Doodle

I will miss Neptune

I will miss Venus

I will miss all these polkas!
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Monday, February 2, 2015

A Full Pantry and Freezer Make Me Happy #TaterTotCasserole

I love when I can stay within my grocery budget and stock up my house with food for my large family. It goes fast, believe me! And here is the shameless plug for my Tater Tot Casserole Cookbook! That's why I always have evaporated milk and cream of chicken soup around on the pantry shelf! The other 3 ingredients stay in the freezer until I need them. The book has 35 tater tot casserole recipes and 13 dessert recipes!

What makes you happy?


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