Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Want to Lose Weight? Don't Deprive Yourself!

Today's #WeightWatchers Weigh-In #12PoundsIn12Weeks Challenge January 27, 2015

Today's tip from me as a veteran of trying to lose weight and knowing how to do it in a healthy way is DON'T DEPRIVE YOURSELF!

No, this does not mean every Hershey Kiss in the bag. It means if you are dying for a Kiss, have a freaking Kiss. Figure out the points for, say, 3 Kisses and take the points and enjoy those Kisses. No, I don't want your Kisses to take up your entire 26 points for the day. I'd like for you to include a veggie or fruit every now and then.

Examples of how I indulge:

  1. My husband made amazing naughty brownies last night. I had a few bites and logged some points online. 
  2. Today is my Monday treat day so I got a 4-point Starbucks grande mocha frap light.
  3. I had the hash brown casserole I made Sunday (made it light) and took the 6 points for the cup because it sounded really good as I shopped for it and as I made it and as it was cooking and as we drove it to a family gathering. I knew I was going to take the points for it and also have a salad and some chicken sandwich. I did not want to be trying to resist it because then I knew I would be standing over the casserole dish later with a spoon, eating double the points I would have and feeling sick later.

Those are ways I take the power away from food. I eat what I want and take the points. 

Weight loss for this week = 0.8 pounds

Total weight loss since January 6 = 5.6 pounds (159.4 to 153.8)