Monday, December 4, 2017

Our Annual #Christmas Lights Drive in #KansasCity

*Originally posted December 9, 2014

Yes, I know the Arboretum is gorgeous this time of year. No, we don't go there anymore, sadly. When they take down the statue of the woman taking a selfie or her naked chest, we will go again. I'm no prude, but dang, is it necessary there? I think not.

Okay, so we usually start out, or somewhere in the middle of our trip, by going to Starbucks for hot chocolates for the kids and coffees for Aron and I. Then we go some of these places, in no particular order, and you can always make it a two-night affair:

CandyCane Lane is a cul-de-sac in the 7900 block of Outlook Street in Prairie Village (3 streets west of Nall) since 1958, which means my parents were taking me there when I was a kid.

CLOSED DOWN BY SNOOTY PRAIRIE VILLAGE AND NEIGHBORS. BOO! That Cool House on Falmouth (we call it Foul-mouthed Street, and it's a one-way street) is at 7611 Falmouth and is also in Prairie Village, not far from Candy Cane Lane. It was officially called Mike Babick's Famouth Christmas Display. Here's more about it.

Deanna Rose Farmstead at 13800 Switzer in South Overland Park is a pretty new addition to our outing but an entertaining one for sure, with great music and neat lights ... it's a light show you can watch in your car. Here are more details.

Vince and Associates at 103rd and Metcalf. We zoom by heading north on Metcalf to get the radio station digits then swing a left where there's a fork in the road and two churches are next to each other. We take a left and park up on the hill to watch the show!

If the kids are being awesome and nobody is crying (which now that we don't have babies anymore is highly possible), we might even tack on:

Ward Parkway in Missouri, which is on the way to The Country Club Plaza. Just meander up and down the streets.

The Country Club Plaza. If you can swing it, do the horse-drawn carriage ride. And yes, they do have large ones for big families. We did it in 2012 and are hoping to do it again! The Plaza is on the way to Crown Center!

Crown Center. I have to point out here that I used to work as an administrative assistant in the building on the left in this photo. I got the job by driving to the interview in a blizzard in 1996, for real! Okay, my mad typing (thanks, Dad!) and editing (thanks, Mom!) skills did not hurt, either, but the fact that I showed up in that weather made me stand out. Just sayin'. Anyway, it was in that building that I dreamed and dreamed and prayed of/about marrying Mr. Kerrie and becoming a Mom to Many. Yay for dreams come true! Now we can be found in this area quite a bit at Science City (we'll be seeing the Christmas indoor stuff there on Friday) and sometimes might even eat at Fritz's around Christmastime.

Places I really WANT to go:

Longview Lake Park in Missouri, but I hear there is a huge line to get in and it inches along. But maybe that's just on weekends? I remember one weekend night when my mom and stepdad took our THREE kids to this place while Aron and I went to see our first movie in a million years, and it was The Pursuit of Happyness. Callie slept through most of the light situation.

UPDATE: Joel got to go last year with his Theology of the Body for Teens class and this year five of my family members went on a Wednesday night around 7 the week after Thanksgiving and it was not busy. Russell Stover candy at the end. Don't forget to bring some cash for a donation! The next night my entire family of 7 went (Thursday night) around 8:30 or so and it was DEAD ... we took our time and looped around twice no problem!

I'll be updating the list after we actually go out and I remember all the other places! I apologize if I left off your neighborhood display; please let me know so I can add it!


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