Friday, August 1, 2014

*2014* Fall Jamberry's Retiring Wraps List: Going, Going, Gone!

So here is the long awaited Going, Going, Gone! list from Jamberry. Below I am posting two sheets but there are more ... including some lacquers ... and I am really surprised about some that are going away. I treat these like little works of art and so I have a special album where I hoard some of the ones that are going to be discontinued. I also hoard anything black and white so you bet your butt I have the black and white horizontal striped wrap you see below on the first sheet.

No need to be sad ... you can still order these through my site on a while-supplies-last basis or until the end of August. You know what they do with any retired wraps that are still in the warehouse on September 1, 2014? They package them in the new rep kits! So have fun!