Thursday, May 29, 2014

The McLoughlins Go on the Road Day Three! #VacationInBranson

No wonder I lose weight on vacation: it's always go go go and when we are chilling out I just stick my face in a book, which I NEVER get to do at home. We don't have cable at home so when we take a bit to chill in a hotel room it's all about the Cartoon Network or Disney Channel or Joel does love his special shows like River Monsters (we love to do the accent). So here is Wednesday, day 3 of 5 of our vacation!

Hanging out in the morning. We did more hanging than usual because Mr. Kerrie's back was not up to par and he needed to be flat sometimes.

Since we were up "early" every day (for us) to make breakfast at The Tower Grill, we decided to go ahead and go to Moonshine Beach for a bit before riding the ducks. It's a pebbly, rock beach and only like $5/day ... playground, bathrooms, covered picnic tables, PERFECT!

Gratuitous Jamberry Nails shot. I'm sorry, people, but I freaking love these things because they stay on in water and sand and everywhere else.

Soon after hopping on Ride the Ducks Eva was sacked out on Daddy. See that quacker? Yeah, that's going to be some serious noise in my house in months to come. They should come with earplugs. Anyway, last time we rode the ducks Eva was just a baby in 2008.

View from the top of the tour route

A military vehicle graveyard, for lack of a better term.

Callie drives the duck ON WATER!

Joel is captain now!

We made Michael do it too!

And of course Sam wanted to drive it.

Daddy and ducklings.
Mommy and ducklings.

Why stop there for the day? Let's go to the waterpark! Right, Sam?

Um, this is one of my older boys coming down this scary as crap DARK, twisty slide. I could only do it once but Mr. Kerrie and the boys would not stop.

More lazy river action with kidlets for Daddy's back.

The view from our 2nd floor room ... a beautiful sunset and time to chill for sure.

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