Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Everybody is Getting Married at My House Lately

Get out your hankies cuz everybody is getting married at my house. Above shows Mr. Kerrie giving away bride Callie. Notice the paper flowers strung on black string behind Miss Julia, a friend of the family. I believe Callie married a pteradactyl. We are so proud.

A few days before, her sister Eva married a pink giraffe. She says it's her wife. Her little brother, in hula skirt, gave her away.

The things kids come up with when their parents horribly strip them of most forms of technology. Sure, they watch TV and play Moshi Monsters and and Bookworm on the computer, but otherwise they have to fend for themselves in the entertain yourself department, just as I had to do when I was a kid and just as Mr. Kerrie had to do.

I think we are okay people!

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