Monday, April 15, 2013

The Clean Plate Club

Below are last night's members of The Clean Plate Club. We joke about this at Weight Watchers a lot since so many of us were brought up to clean our plate at dinnertime before we got to go play or have dessert. It can be a challenge to leave some food on your plate (or not get seconds) when something is super yummy. We try not to place huge servings on our kids' plate so they don't feel like they have to finish every drop. But last night they really dug my Baked Spaghetti (recipe to come with photo, OF COURSE!) and even had seconds!

Without further delay, here are my members (and no, we are not in a halfway house; this is our own home, thank you very much, it's just that my husband recently turned into a (wallpaper) STRIPPER:

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