Monday, April 22, 2013

Library Collection Agencies and My Multiple Library Credit Cards

I have a problem. I need to attend BLA meetings. That would be the non-existent Book-Lovers Anonymous meetings. I have library cards for myself and my children. When one gets a fine, I just switch to another card. Library cards are like book and DVD credit cards in my world. My husband says when a child is born to me, I get it a Social Security Card and a library card.

The morning of Callie's First Communion I went to pick up Joel at a campout. While I was gone, a COLLECTION AGENCY called and explained to my husband how I have some crazy fines on one of my library credit cards. [When did this turn into a confessional blog? Oh, yeah, when it first started.]

Notice the variety of books in my picture. Some are for article research. Some are for OCD research for one of my sons. I have homeschooling books and writing books. And a book that I think I would love but am afraid I won't get to while I have kids in the house because I have the attention span of a gnat currently: The Golden Notebook by Doris Lessing. I think it will rock. I also think it's a hard one to read with kids yelling all around you, and my precious Quiet Time is reserved for writing for dinero.

Other fines are from me being a Pushover Mommy and letting my kids check out too many DVDs which we will never watch. Then they get lost. Then the dog eats them. Then Library Guido comes to my door. Currently we have a REALLY high fine, another one with fines and then there is the third card I cling to with my life.

I'm eyeing my daughters, who are 5 and 8. I think they each need a library card.

I obviously have a problem.


  1. Ya know you're not alone, right? I've often said I wish they'd offer upgraded "memberships"... a specific number of books out at a time, with no late charges... it would surely be less costly than my reoccurring library fines. It'd leave me feeling a lot more awesome than I do now.... with my cards maxed out/frozen. (eek!)

  2. Poor J & M probably won't be able to buy a car or house b/c of bad credit. Then no car, no job, no college, no wife, no GRANDKIDS. Then they'll be coming WITH us on our 25th anniversary to the Bahamas. NOOOOO!!All because of late fees. Food for thought, Luv ewe, XOXOXO.
    Drama - I picked it up from C.


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