Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January 2013 Weight Watchers Update

I took this picture of myself a few weeks ago when we were out of town visiting family for Christmas. I had just gotten some cool new dresses at a vintage/consignment store and was really excited. I've lost nearly 20 pounds and am finding that my style is more funky and less baggy jeans/high-neck T-shirts. I love to wear this dress (I call it my Pucci print) with crazy-colored hose and black fuzzy winter boots just for fun.

Sam in this picture shows that I am still always with my kidlets and love it that way.

What was your first clothing purchase after losing weight? Or what will it be?

*Check the comments for the 2018 update!


  1. You look FABULOUS Kerry. Congrats on losing the weight. So envious. I would live to lose20 lbs! Well done!

  2. You're pretty. Of course you've always been pretty and you look prettier every day. And you say you've lost weight, that's good too. Arvid

  3. Arvid, stop flirting with me because my husband will come and beat you up. He is a good husband who compliments me and loves me and puts up with me so I think I will keep him. But thank you for being so kind, ARVID. Love, KURVY


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