Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A**-Flavored Medicine (PG-13)

I warned my husband that I would put this on the blog.

We went to his work one night recently when he was working late and took him some dinner. He'd been sick for a couple of weeks (and going to work anyway ... a good worker or a spreader of germs? you decide.)

On his desk I saw this medicine, and he gave it a special flavor name*. I think he needs to work for medicine companies to help name things. He IS married to the apothe-kerrie, after all.

He says they make the stuff taste bad so little kids don't chug it. That doesn't make sense, though, since they make the kid stuff try to taste so good.

My ideas for adult flavored medicines are:

Beer flavor
Bacon flavor
Chocolate flavor
BBQ flavor
Coffee flavor

Hey, they can't be any worse than what's already out there.

*My husband does not know what a** tastes like, just to be very clear.

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