Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lose Weight by Planning Ahead

Some of you have asked how I am losing weight and am sticking with it after 5 weeks. Don't be fooled: I struggle just like you do. I have good days when it's easy to eat fruit and veggies all day long and stay within my 26 points. Then I have days when we buy a 5-pound bag of chocolate melts to make chocolate pumpkins for homeschool parties and I end up pigging in so many that I feel sick.

But when I plan ahead, it makes life a lot easier.

Like on Wednesdays we go to a church/gym/coffeehouse with a homeschool group. I love to eat and drink calorie-laden things in social settings and have had to reset my thinking with my group. So the other day I had just received these Rubbermaid Lunch Blox from a giveaway I won (yes, folks, I also enter giveaways and I win quite often so keep entering mine!). I filled the bottom big block with cut-up apples. The longer top piece I put in carrots, then in the tiny piece I put fat-free sour cream mixed with dry Ranch dressing. (the bottom in a piece you can put in the freezer to keep your lunch cold ... this is a cool product). Lunch Blox are like Legos for your lunch!

Before I went I picked up a Starbucks iced skinny mocha. I get the big size (venti) and it's skim milk and sugar-free syrup so I'm getting some dairy and it's about 3 points. It keeps me away from the 10-point-plus coffees I used to drink. I planned ahead to get that because it's my weekly treat. I think I had a SmartOnes for lunch just because it was quick and easy and I knew it was 7 points exactly. I also always take water everywhere with me.

And so the kids aren't pilfering my food all the time, I pack plenty. I overpack on apples and carrots because I WANT them to want my food, to eat healthy. I also pack their own stuff like juice pouches and granola bars.

When I know we have to be somewhere "early" (10 a.m. for us!!!), I make sure I have a 5-point double chocolate protein meal bar ready to roll and make myself a fried egg. I try to always have lots of fruit in the house that I like to eat (the kids will eat any fruit!) and fat-free yogurt and some Weight Watchers treats like my toasted coconut bars (2 points each).

As for those chocolate melts ... well, I put them out of sight and have not had a problem. Having to track everything that goes into my mouth also puts me off digging into them.

My ultimate goal is to be a Weight Watchers leader someday ... haha! I'll need something to do with my time when the kids are out of the house. Did you know that when you reach  your ultimate weight loss goal with WW that you can attend meetings for FREE for life as long as you stay within 5 pounds of your ideal weight goal?

Gotta go. I'm starting to sound like a freaking ad for Weight Watchers. However you lose weight or get healthy is wonderful!

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