Saturday, September 15, 2012

SmartSeat Chair Protector Review

Dang, I'm such a stage mom and stage wife! I love including pictures of my family with items that are up for review by moi. Also, the kids usually are dying to open the packages that come, so I just grab la camera and click away while they pose! Someday they will probably ask me for a kickback, but for now they are FREE MODELS!

Moving on ...

Here is Sam holding our latest acquisition: SmartSeat Chair Protectors. Allow me to explain ...

Okay, so we used to go to my mom's house for the weekend or longer when Aron was out of town a lot. Or lately we go for the whole day. Sometimes we go to my dad's house for the whole day. They each have nice chairs. I believe Sam usually picks the WHITE FABRIC one to sit in at my dad's house and inevitably we are having something saucy like pizza. My mom has nice OLD FABRIC chairs.

We used to have to put a towel down on the chair or else do heavy scrubbing post-meal. But now, thanks to this baby ...

... I can just fold it up and Velcro it to any seat that we don't want to ruin. We don't use this at our house because we have wooden chairs and they are trashable, but when we go somewhere where people have nice things we whip it out. It's Scotch-guarded, too! We spilled a drink on the seat protector and it beaded up! When we were done, we undid the seat protector, took it home and washed it. (Not really; we forgot it at my mom's house, but that's what we SHOULD have done and is probably what YOU will do!).

This cool product comes in 4 colors and can be purchased here.

I did not get paid to write this review.

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