Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Oliver's Labels

I have been given a rockin' product to review once again. They are called Oliver's Labels and they are so cool! Below is a picture of one of the labels on my laptop. You can see that it says "if found, visit" then you enter the number at the top of the sticker to get contact information for the owner. Try it! You enter your information and then Oliver's Labels lets ME know how to get in touch with you to retrieve it!

Here's a picture of  one of the small, name-only labels on Michael's new homeschool bin. These are great for things you might send to school with your kids or put on other things where it's okay for your kid to be identified by name if his stuff gets lost. I put "McLoughlin" on my labels because I couldn't just pick one kid's name to put on. You, being normal and probably not having 64 kids, would probably get, say, a set of labels with your daughter's full name on them and a set with your son's full name :-)

Here are just some of the uses I came up with around my own house for these great labels, which come in many different sizes:

  1. Put them on/in shoes
  2. Makes the tagging of camp clothes simple
  3. Coats/jackets aren't lost for long (we find so much stuff like this at the school across the street when we go play at the playground)
  4. One less step in your life will be checking a lost and found bin for your kid's stuff ... you just wait until Oliver's Labels contacts you and lets you know where the thing is. Or someone can just bring that jacket to your kid's classroom instead of letting it rot in the lost and found bin.
  5. Special dolls
  6. Put them on the tags of stuffed animals
  7. Put them on your kid's shirt when you go to a crowded place for easy paging, especially if your child is very young
  8. The designs may be cute, but I'm telling you many adults need these things (you saw my laptop!)
  9. Get some of the labels that say ALLERGIES or NO NUTS to protect your child from a potentially bad health situation.
  10. Leave your ideas in the Comments section!

Check out Oliver's Labels at their website, on their Facebook fan page, and on TwitterFree shipping on orders over $30. With so many cute designs and fonts and more, there is something for everyone! Next I want to see this company make labels with a tracking device so my kids will stop asking me where everything is :-)

 I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. 

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