Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tackle-It Tuesday: Callie's Closet and the Magic Cleaning Fairy (me)

This is my 7-year-old daughter's closet BEFORE! Actually, she will tell you it's also her 4-year-old sister's closet, too, when she's trying to get out of picking it up! Eva sleeps in our bedroom, but plays hard in "the girls' room."
The right-hand side of the closet on the floor.

The left-hand side of the closet floor.

The right-hand side. Note how I use her top shelf as scrapbook storage. I have like a zillion of them before I stopped having time to scrapbook because I'm too busy entertaining YOU. Yes, you're welcome.
AFTER!!!!! Sue me, I did this by myself. I find it easier to get rid of stuff when the girls are not standing over me picking through the trash! Don't worry, they have more hanging clothes than this, which live on the LEFT side of the closet. They are pretty much in order because I purge that stuff regularly.
Holy Guacamole, I can see the floor! I am magical! The Magic Cleaning Fairy!

The left-hand side on the floor is still a challenge. I at least got the shoes in a box and some toys in a little basket. Stuffed animals are in another box. Barbies are in a drawer in her dresser. Dolls go in the 1950s vintage baby crib.

I can't stand empty space and had to sneak her desk in there since it fit. It's how I roll. She can drag it out when she wants to play.

I had to give some props to my amazingly talented husband, who found this wasted space when we were redoing the girls' room in early 2011 (when he was NOT traveling). There was just a wall here, and he knocked it out and put in shelves. There's room for so much here, as well as her dress-up basket down below!
I hope I have inspired you to clean up your own nasty house. Now get on it, write about it and share the link with me here!

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