Sunday, June 17, 2012

HELL YES, They Went to Scout Camp!!!

Happy Father's Day 2012! I feel HORRIBLE that I don't have a photo of Aron with all his kids to share today. We were kinda busy getting Joel and Aron ready to go to their very first overnight Boy Scout Camp! Yes, Aron told his boss he was going to camp and that he understood it might cost him his job. Looks like he still has a job so far, since he's supposed to leave again the day after he gets back from camp. Stay tuned to all that fun.

So I want to give a shout-out to the best dads ever ... my own father, of course, and my husband. I also have some friends who are amazing fathers, as well, and couldn't name them all. I also happen to think my brothers-in-law are terrific fathers. I'm super-judgmental, as you know, and know some crappy fathers, too, so I don't bestow those honors lightly. Now on to the photos.

Joel before we had to say goodbye. I could tell he was getting a little emotional so I tried to suck up my emotions and just kept talking about how much fun he would have. He's concerned about missing my birthday on Tuesday, and I told him my best gift would be for him to have so much fun that day that he forgets all about me! Of course I'm crying as I write this and will miss them immensely, but it's only for a week and he will learn so much and have a blast. I explained to his Troop that we homeschool, so that's why we are all attached to each other.

Comic relief to take our minds off the leaving. Sam is taking a nice dump. Time to potty train.

Joel and Aron were in the truck that's pulling the Troop trailer. I was stoic so I would not cry then make him cry. I told him we need to see other people for a week.

P.S. My stepdad doesn't have any children of his own, but he treats me and my family like his own. He doesn't talk much and doesn't show his feelings, but he shows his love by helping out and doing things for us. He took care of our house and yard while we were gone, for instance. We love you, Papa Dave!

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