Friday, March 2, 2012

Sam Post: I Like Cake (the Band)

So I discovered this rockin' band called Cake. I like the song Going the Distance. But I did some chores for my mom recently to pay for the $1 downlad of the remake of I Will Survive. It's from the 70s, which is a looooong time ago. My dad likes the original best, but my mom likes the newer version.

I like to pop in my earbuds and rock out on Mommy's laptop. My mom grew up around a lot of music: her mom always had cool mix tapes in her car made by her dad, and her dad always played cool records around the house. They always had good music in their van (NOT a minivan!) and her dad would play leg guitar (you know, when somebody plays guitar  on their leg with one hand while they drive with the other.)

They didn't have seatbelts in big ole vans back then so my mom spent many hours on the floor of the van watching her dad play leg guitar to Led Zeppelin and The Who and The Beatles while her mom would journal in a notebook. Mom tells me stories and stuff.

Oh, that's part of my sister Eva in the picture ... she and I are besties. We get in SOO much trouble together and like it when Mom's face turns red because she knows she should spank our butts red but instead her face gets red and she shoos us out of the vicinity of the mess.

So to all my fans, what's your favorite song or memory of childhood/your parents? I promise I will comment back to you in the comments section!