Thursday, March 29, 2012

America's Favorite Coffee

I also asked on my The Kerrie Show page on Facebook what everyone's favorite coffee was. I gave them the choices of Scooter's or Starbuck's.

My dad wins with this answer:

"If I had that kind of disposable income I'd probably go on meth. For $5 I can have Folgers Black Silk all week! Besides, Scooter's sounds like a place where dogs with worms would go."

Somebody else answered, "Keurig chocolate mudslide." Intriguing. I've been thinking about those Keurig thingies. One in-law said theirs clogged a lot, but another in-law loves theirs. I love the idea of a fresh cup of coffee whenever I want it or when company comes and wants coffee. I have a coffee-maker that doesn't have a warming spot and now have no microwave, so if I could get a Keurig for cheap to try, I might just have to do it.

Aren't we spoiled, Americans? With our $5 coffees and our fresh cup of coffee whenever we want it at home? It's sickening, really, but I will try to enjoy it if I must.

Me personally, I like Starbuck's better but it's not good for my wallet. I had a gift card that I kept loading up and putting purchases on so I could get a fancy gold card with my name on it, but one of the naughty kids took it out of my wallet to play with it and there ya go. A sign from God that I should stay away from 'buck's?

Fast fact: In a book called Cloud Atlas (soon to be a movie), in the future a coffee is just called a starbuck.

There you have it, readers: the word on the street. Or the word on Facebook making it's way to this blog.


  1. Heyyy, I have a Keurig and it never, ever gets clogged if you are using those inserts. Now, it has the option to do regular coffee grounds and you just have to be careful to don't fill it up too high. I just go to Sam's Club or Costco to buy a month's supply of Keurig cups and it equals out to less than 50 cents a cup. It is my favorite, no joke. I will never get a regular coffee maker again. In the morning I just shuffle over in my tired state and press the button for a fresh cup for myself. My husband makes one for him at 5am. So, it would be a waste to make a pot every morning.

  2. Your husband decides he doesn't like that $4 a six pack swill and that he deserves to drink fine lagers. He thinks $5 a bottle is a fine price to pay. That's $30 bucks for a six pack. Is that okay?

  3. Absolutely. But, honey, next time just ASK me. You know I'm reasonable. You work hard and deserve fine beer like you deserve a fine woman.


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