Monday, February 13, 2012

Mommy Y's Random Questions for Moi

My friend over at Mommy Y did this post about random questions. I'm supposed to follow these rules and tag people, but I can't even come up with 11 blogs I read, so here are the answers just for fun!
  1. What is your favorite kind of book? No real favorite. I like nonfiction and fiction. I liked The Hunger Games series, the Fever series, am trying to get into Sweep. I like memoirs and biographys. I'm working on Steven Tyler and Mia Tyler's autobiographies and a Valerie Frankel memoir. I like to lose myself in thoughtful fiction, but learn a lot more from books like I'd like to write someday (nonfiction).
  2. Do you fold your laundry and put it away right away, or do you store it in a laundry basket? Store it. And what's folding?
  3. What is your favorite food to eat? Anything Mexican and anything chocolate.
  4. What has been your favorite age to be? Right now. "The older I get, the less I give a s***."
  5. If you owned a zoo, what animal would you feature? Koala
  6. What do you call your decorating style? Huh? Why are you mumbling? None. If I had unlimited money, it would be retro, like 1960s, but hubs won't go for it.
  7. What did you do for your favorite date ever? Hmmm, so many to choose from. For sure something with hubs, but we've been together so long I'd have to go back through pictures to figure that one out! Going to Mill Creek Park on the Plaza when we were first dating was fun. We hung out and he made a picnic dinner. Oh, then there was the New Year's Eve when we threw firecrackers out the car window in Westport and the cops stopped us and pointed guns at our heads. Good times.
  8. What is the craziest thing you've ever done? See above.
  9. What is your all time favorite movie? Too many. Vanilla Sky, Somewhere in Time, Goodfellas, A Walk in the Clouds, Bobby. I just love movies so much.
  10. What is your favorite quiet moment mom breakfast? Egg sandwich with A1 sauce.
  11. Are you a lawn gnome, pink flamingo or statuary kind of lawn designer? Please elaborate. Why are you asking such hard questions? My head is starting to hurt. I don't think any of these. I like roses. And random rocks and shells and stepping stones.

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  1. Ya, I'm not sure what folding is either. I heard about it once though. My decorating style is "early garage sale" and ya, I didn't have to answer any of these questions. They ARE hard questions!


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