Monday, April 12, 2021

Last Friday Night (parody about a Scout campout) ...

Lil Scout Joel with his baby brother Sam. Scroll to the bottom to see the outcome.

*This post was originally uploaded October 1, 2011.

Set to the tune of the song I HATE by Katy Perry (I love the melody but hate the words!). It's about a little campout we had once when my oldest was just 10 years old. 

There's rip in my man's jeans
Must've eaten too much beans
Kids are all over the place
Runnin’ up and down the berm
I smell like a coffeebar
Sam is passed out on my lap
S’mores are on the barbeque

Is this a poke stick or a snake?
Pictures of last night
Did not go online
Oh well.

It’s a grassy blur
But I know it sure did rule 


Last Friday night
Kids were runnin’ everywhere
They were all up in our hair
So we hit the campy fire.

Last Friday night

Yeah I danced with Mic-O-Say
And I got all in the way
Think we wed but I forgot

Last Friday night
Everybody did their tent
“Glamping” sure is heaven sent
Then the Sprenger trio showed. (yeah!)

Last Friday night
Scout fam campouts are the best
Never say we’re gonna stop-op

This Friday night
Do it all again?
This Friday night
Do it all again? (not!)

Sokols brought jumbo mallows
They were as big as pillows
Obershaw in charge of graham
Pham was human fire pit dam
Shepherd chillin’, super cold
Souders lookin’ solid gold
Chitwood needs a ginger ale
This was NOT an epic fail!
Last Friday Night ....
Dropped to 44 degrees
Had to pee among the trees
Think we slept but I forgot.

Last Friday night

Happy birthday to my stepdad, Dave. He is always doing nice things for the kids and for me, and we love him very much.

And this kid got his Eagle Scout award in 2019 :-) Then graduated from homeschooling in 2020. Got his personal trainer certification. Hoping to head into Police Academy this year.

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