Friday, October 21, 2011

Every Kid Needs a Kitten

I dig this picture for a number of reasons:
  1. It was taken 10 pounds ago.
  2. It was taken at my friend Carrie's house, who I dig and don't see enough.
  3. My kids love furry animals but the only one they own is a hamster. Hamsters don't snuggle on your lap, you know.
  4. I grew up with kitties and love them. My parents even bred Persians for a little while. I had them in my 20s also. Then came a day when we had 2 sons and our cats were too much to handle. One of the cats was peeing everywhere, and the kids were getting into the food and the litter and we had no great place for the catbox so our kitchen always stunk like pee. Now we have vowed we won't get a dog until our youngest child turns 3. I think Aron is going to try to get me pregnant before next October so he won't have to get a dog! I am determined otherwise, though :-)


  1. Cute picture. I miss my cats. I had to give them up when we moved because now we rent and it costs way too much to have pets here.

  2. OH man, we had cats too for a bit and they would pee in our closets and on our clothes. Drove us crazy!


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