Thursday, September 19, 2019

Indoor Fort-Building with Kids 101

Sometimes we love to just trash out our house and make forts, and I think you should do it as well! 

Back in 2011 (this post was originally published 9/20/11), each of the five kids needed their own fort, then they would go visit each other, deliver mail to each other, etc. Here are some things you need for a good fort:

1. a big, light blanket or dark sheet
2. something to weigh your cloth material down and/or
3. something high to hang the material from
4. pillows
5. snacks
6. battery-powered candles

Since we moved to the country and have a completely different type of house and furniture, the kids now use large binder clips to hang material on an upright ping-pong tabletop propped on something. One fort was built using the couch in the boys' room, a twin bed, and the ping-pong tabletop as a roof. Somehow they even made it like a maze and it stayed up several days. 

My husband is pretty much the Master Fort Builder of the World, and he has passed on that skill to our kids.

When's the last time you built a fort indoors?

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