Friday, September 16, 2011

Aldi's Strawberry Banana Smoothie

If you don't have an Aldi in your town, I am so sorry. It is the best little discount grocery store in the land, friends! They have so many different things crammed into a small store, and you can get in and out quickly. They have name brand foods and their own brand of stuff, and most of it is lovely.

Today the heavens opened up and I saw 5 pounds dropping off my body in the coming weeks. I saw a strawberry banana smoothie, just like the ones Naked and Odwalla make and charge $2.50-$3.69 for .... that's for 12 or 16 ounces, friends.

My new best smoothie friend is 32 whopping ounces for $2.89. I bought two and am going back for more. One serving packs 100% of your Vitamin C for the day, but if you're on a diet I could see you drinking all 4 servings, which only ends up being near 500 healthy calories.

I was considering a Costco membership (splitting with a pal and we'd each pay $50) for the Nakeds and Odwallas alone, but forget that! For this price, I can share (a tiny bit, anyway) with the kids!