Saturday, May 7, 2011

25 Ways to Make Some Extra Money

f you can’t cut your expenses, here are some ways to make extra money as a stay-at-home mom who doesn’t want to put her kids in daycare (I’ve starred the ones I’ve personally done) ... oh, and don't forget your husband can also do some of this stuff if he's only working part-time or something like that:

*Mystery shopping

*Market research

*Babysitting at home

*Babysitting at churches
 Babysitting at health clubs (free membership included usually!)

*Freelance writing (magazines, but also sales letters and marketing manuals, as well as ebooks (


*Magazine delivery to businesses

Newspaper delivery

Mowing lawns (good exercise, Mama!)

Dog walking or sitting

House sitting

Anything you were good at in your previous work life that you can turn into money at home (legal advice, PR services, proofreading, doing taxes … sky’s the limit!)

*Sell some crap (books at Half Price Books, garage sale, Craigslist, consignment shops)

I wrote an article once called Moms Making Money and researched some obscure ways to make money at home, which include*:

Audio-to-Text Transcriber (;

Direct Seller ( for health and wellness products; for fine wine)

E-Juror (;

Online User Guide (;;

Online Tutor (

Professional Blogger (;

Sales Call Verifier (

Telemarketer (;;

Virtual Assistant (;

Virtual Customer Service Agent (;

Virtual Publicist (;

*Tory Johnson’s Work-from-Home Tips (except for Professional Blogger sites)

Please add your ideas in the Comments section!


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