Saturday, March 12, 2011

Last-Minute Field Trip to Crown Center in KCMO

* couldn't get the underline function to turn off, dangit.

Whenever Jordan is out of school we like to get the heck out of Dodge.

She had off February 11, so we loaded up and made the arduous, 15-minute trip to Crown Center. Actually, it took a lot longer than that because we stopped at Sonic first (we had coupons and I’d just cashed a whopping $27 writing check!)

Then I took the long way there, via SM Parkway (my old ‘hood was Roeland Park), Ward Parkway, then into the Plaza and down Main Street. Sorry, Overland Park, but things are just more “alive” and energetic toward the heart of the city.

(Overland Park is my wife, but Westport, the Plaza, Crown Center and Downtown are my mistresses.)

As we approached the “Eifely Tower” (pronounced I-full-ee), which is the KCPT tower, we had to pull up near it for photos because Callie thinks it’s the real Eifel Tower. Maybe with my next $27 writing check I’ll fly us all to Paris.

We drove around Union Hill to check out the cool houses (most of them for sale … one can be my summer home), then to Crown Center, where we built our muscles dragging the double stroller up and down stairs from the parking lot to get to the elevators.

First stop: Chip’s Chocolate Factory. I spent way too much on various kinds of bark for the kids. Jordan and I gained weight just watching the kids eat it.

And yes, that was me taking the double stroller down the escalator. Some woman asks me, “Are you sure you don’t want to take the elevator?” I said, “Look, lady, I have to keep my family of 16 together. I can’t take the elevator because my other kids are down THERE already.” Sigh. Such are the problems of mine, looking like a teenager and all that. I get all kinds of unsolicited advice.

Next stop: Under the Sea exhibit at the end of the lower level. Photos below, need I say more? Crazy fun. May I suggest a nice leash for your child at this exhibit so he doesn’t get lost? They should rent leashes at the dang door because they leave the doors wide open and kids escape all the time.

Next stop: Shoot, what’s it called? The hotel that’s connected to Crown Center. We like to ride the glass elevator up and down until we puke. Great view of the city. After that, against my better judgment, I let the kids ride the escalators at the hotel whilst annoying many a businessman. I looked at them and said, “You were a kid once too, Mister, and you’re just jealous you’re working and not riding the escalator, too.”

I must stop here to both blame and thank my parents for my smart mouth. I learned from the best!

We took the long way home (excellent SuperTramp song, by the way) so Jordan could get some schoolin’ of the city … Downtown, specifically.

We love you, Kansas City! You are an awesome place to homeschool for sure.

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