Monday, February 14, 2011

My Husband, Mr. Aron McLoughlin, Blood Donor

We met 15 ½ years ago. We were inseparable from the start. We weren’t friends first. We dove in with both feet and have never looked back. 

Something I love about Aron is that he regularly donates not just his blood, but also platelets, which is a 2-hour process. He has a rare blood type, and also has some special thing about his blood where he never got some childhood illness that most kids get, so his blood is coveted.

The boy is a Blood Donor Star. Things arrive in the mail from the donation place because you can choose prizes according to how much you donate.

He never gripes about it hurting or acts woozy after doing it. He just does it. I am envious of him because I have these dinky, rolling veins that make it difficult for me to give blood. Then I get all woozy and have to lay around for hours even eating cookies and drinking juice. If I could just give blood when I’m pregnant, the blood bank would have a fridge full of my blood. When I’m pregnant my veins are huge and I have all sorts of extra blood.

Anyway, Happy Valentine’s Day and a big I love you to my husband, who subscribes to this blog so he can get it in his email box at work when I post.

P.S. Why is January blood donor month? Shouldn’t it be February, since it’s a heart-y month and the heart pumps blood?