Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Question for Geneen Roth

Here's a problem I have with food. I'm supposed to concentrate on what I'm eating and eat what my body wants, but when I'm at a family gathering and am focusing on the kids not breaking stuff, I just want to shove food in my mouth quickly to get it over with and then concentrate on keeping the kids from being too nuts.

OR ... the opposite of that ... I want to tune the kids out and hope Aron or someone else handles them while I really get into my huge plate of food.

Balance is always hard. More so with kids, I am taking a risk by saying.

Geneen, when are you going to write a book with the personal experiences of the moms who have been to your workshops? I could really  use it right now!

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  1. I am not Geneen Roth, but I do have a suggestion for you. When you are at a family gathering watch the portion size and how much you are putting on your plate. Also, don't fill your plate with sweets be aware of your choices. Good luck with this one. Hopefully you will get a response from Geneen too.


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