Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Duggars and What's Really Important

I love watching the Duggars with my kids. I get opportunities to teach my kids about things like owning your own used car business, owning rental property and trusting God to help you through any situation (like having a million babies).

I teach them that going to college is not the most important thing AT ALL. Sure, my husband went to college, but he was in his late 20s when he knew what he wanted to do and then paid for it himself and has been an employed engineer for the last 14 years. I didn’t go to college and am a money-making writer and homeschool teacher. Their 3 uncles didn’t go to college and run successful businesses. My dad didn’t go to college and got to retire successfully from the post office at age 55.

Most of all, I love that watching the Duggars teaches them that the road less traveled can be the most amazing and thrilling journey. I don’t get upset thinking of Michelle Duggar having another baby like some people do. While the haters are sitting on their butts reading about the Duggars in People Magazine while getting ready to take their kids to daycare, the Duggars are raising kind, smart, successful human beings on their own while taking NOTHING back from society (like welfare, food stamps, unemployment).

And the argument that those “poor” older kids have to help out around the house and with the younger kids makes me laugh. THOSE particular haters are the ones who can’t fathom getting their kid to do a chore around the house, let alone teaching their kid to care about other, younger human beings.

The Duggars should be applauded. I also watch junk like The Real Housewives of [every single city] and enjoyed the Beverly Hills episode where a 4-year-old child was MIA from most of her $60,000 birthday party because it was so obnoxiously over the top.

Really, Society? We’re supposed to value STUFF and APPEARANCE over people?


  1. I dont think any of these shows should be applauded. The poor kids need off tv. Just because mother or any other female works doesn't mean she wants to. They need to put food on the table. And so what if she doesn't have to . We aren't shackled to our homes anymore. It doesn't mean we are materialistic. It is SURVIVAL. Not all of us are fortunate to be third generation real estate agents. I'm afraid the Duggars give a false impression it is simple to raise many kids on business deals. BTW Jackson got lost at an airport on one episode. And how do we know the 'Housewives' things aren't staged? I feel sorry for those who are pushed to be over achievers but also the ones who are denied secondary education. So what next high school won't be important? If you read up on Christian Fundamentalism you see why there are concerns. I doubt if many of us could live their lifestyle one week. A true Christian holds Christ up as their role model not whats on TV.

  2. Anonymous: SO WHAT if someone doesn't go to high school? And so what if they are "denied" Mom and Dad paying over $200,000 for their college diplomas?

    So what about your "concerns?" People should have to educate their children to satisfy some anonymous commenter on a blog??

    It's interesting that you are all up in arms about fundamentalism and then spout off about what a TRUE CHRISTIAN would do as though you were the freaking Pope or something...

    Kerrie, where do you get these people?

  3. People need to educate their children so they can add, subtract, and write decent sentences and possibly a better future. It is the law now in some states they must go until the age of 18 unless they ar ehomeschooled. Back in the 80's, you could quit school at 16 and be fine financially. It isn't that way anymore.In fact, 95 % of jobs require a high school diploma or equivalent. I had a neighbor who let his daughter quit home school and two second cousins quit school. It seems parents let the kids do the heck what they want. Im on board with home school if done correctly because they cant quit school lol If you cant afford college there is always pell grants and student loans.
    "And so what if they are "denied" What if some of the great lawyers, teacher's, doctors, and such in this country had been denied their education?I think the Duggar kids seem bright. there may be a surgeon, nurse, or a teacher in the mix but you would never know. True higher education wont be in everyone's stars but one shouldn't be denied a chance.


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