Saturday, September 25, 2010

Highest Ferris Wheel in the World at North Pole in Colorado Springs

Oh, yeah, baby. They don't call this the Highest Ferris Wheel in the World for nuthin'.  The North Pole/Santa's Workshop in perched on the side of a mountain. The ferris wheel is up on that thar mountain. The last time I was on a ferris wheel was when I was about 19 ... 20 years ago, people.  And it freaked me out then.  But I sucked it up and went on it for the sake of my precious wee ones ... my adventurous kidlets. And I screamed my head off with my eyes closed the first time around.  Then I dug it!  The kids didn't mind it a bit and had a great time!  Then Aron actually got on the darn thing ... he was more scared than I was at first and then got used to it also.  At the top it was windy and you could see all over the place.  I highly recommend it.

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  1. Um, I know I seem very manly and all especially without my shirt on, but... I didn't get used to it. I was as scared as a baby bein born, and the only thing that kept me from weeing my pants was that I was puckered up down there.


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