Sunday, April 25, 2010

Chocolate Communion: Choco Discs

 I hope this isn't some sort of blasphemy,talking about Choco Discs as Chocolate Communion.  I dig these little guys ... I get them at Whole Foods and spend way too much on them, but they don't give me a  headache like most of the sugar crap I buy at the regular store.  I just like how they are shaped like a Communion wafer and provide so much spiritual fulfillment.  God knew what He/She was doing when these were created.  I'm actually getting somewhere in my weight loss journey ... the proof is that I bypassed my little chocolate wafer friends the other day when I was at Whole Foods.

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  1. They look just like the chocolate I used to buy to make my candy at Christmas time, only the cost was about half that..... only they weren't real chocolate but boy did it taste good and melt up great for all the different candies I made. It tasted like the real thing and I'd use it again. Your Step-Witch

  2. Are they dark chocolate...I like only 70% cacao or higher...and the higher the better :)

    I eat it every day..I've lost over 20 lbs.

    I did cut down all other sugar :)

    But I'm still giving the chocolate the credit!


  3. Good job Breeze!

  4. Breeze, i'm not sure what the ratio is on these little babies ... and i'm not having a lot of luck finding what i need on the internet as far as info on them. i agree about losing weight and eating dark chocolate. plus i don't get headaches like i do when i eat m&ms.


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