Saturday, March 6, 2010

Swimwear & Summer Attire

I got a quasi-request ("I can't wait until we talk about swimwear") from Jen ...

Okay, Jen, let’s talk swimwear and summer attire. You’ve been wanting this post for a while. It says a lot about our society that instead of giving you a call, I’m giving you a shout out on the Internet!

Let me start the conversation by saying that some swimwear is so bad (and I know this is not a NEW thing) that my husband takes his glasses off the minute he gets to the pool. This is why I don’t like for him to take the kids to the pool without me … I’m afraid his blind butt will miss one of our kids drowning. I do respect him for not oogling trampy women, though.

Still, what are people THINKING? What annoys me more ... older women trying to look like teenagers or teens and tweens trying to look like they're 28?

Take it away, readers, while I go dig out my totally unflattering nursing swimsuit for use in a few months.

*By the way, this photo is NOT of me.


  1. Yes..this is why I forgo all swim wear....

  2. I like Land's End swim wear. Both adult's and children's seem to be made to cover and not ride up. Of course the hidden tummy panel in the woman's doesn't hurt. Are they expensive? Kind of. Are they made to last so your investment gets several years? Of course.


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