Saturday, March 27, 2010

Field Trip: Whole Foods Tour

On the 19th we went on a great field trip to Whole Foods with another family from our homeschool group. I was able to leave my girls home with my mom, so it was nice to be able to just take the boys and do some grocery shopping and then do the tour and THEN some more grocery shopping!

We got some sort of horned fruit (kiwano horned melon???), Shatto chocolate milk, granola for parfaits, a block of the best smoked mozzarella I’ve ever had in my life, some Odwalla bars (easy breakfast for me) and our staple Veggie Straws and dark chocolate discs.

I chalked all these expenses up to “education” and figure a Catholic school education would be more costly than buying a few items at a grocery store. Besides, we usually shop at Aldi, which is super cheap.

At the end of the tour, the kids got to make a healthy granola, blueberry and yogurt parfait. They got a bag of goodies, including a kiwi fruit, a juice box and a sample of organic fruit snacks.

Now I really want to write an article on how to feed your kids organic, healthy foods on the cheap. I wish I could easily contact Kate Gosselin (Jon and Kate Plus Eight) because I saw her shop at a Whole Foods-type place on the cheap for 8 kids … lots of coupons and rain checks helped. Kate, if you Google Alert yourself, CAWL ME … I’d love to interview you.


  1. She's too busy Dancing with the Stars and Aldi isn't as cheap as it used to be. If you watch your sales sometimes the regular stores have the better deals. Coupons and stocking up when it's on sale will save you more in the long run.

  2. Man, now I'm hungry. :P

    We don't have many organic-type shops 'round these here parts, but there are several back in my hometown and we get the stuff we like shipped in by my grandmother. It's all about coupons, hitting the sales, and, according to my mother, buying a LOT of EVERYTHING when it's cheap, even if you think you have enough at the house.

  3. If you ever figure it out, let me know. I would love to do a little more organic around here. I just need it to be cheaper first!

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