Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kids With Cell Phones

Yes, I know I beat this horse to death and then some. But when I go to an elementary school dance and see all the kids with phones it drives me nuts. I mean, parents, do you not have a clue? Don't you know that you are not only paying for phone calls and texts, but also (usually) for Internet service? I remember my best friend and I during school (6th grade) cackling at looking up the word "crusty" in the dictionary. Dear God, if we'd had cell phones, we would've been looking up all kinds of naked people and probably instant messaging all kinds of pedophiles.

I always thought my dad was overprotective as heck. Turns out he actually had a clue, which kept me pretty darn safe throughout my childhood and kept me molested-free. Who knew?

*Updated to acknowledge that some parents do opt out of the Internet service on their kid's cell phone.


  1. I agree with you Kerrie. Kids get into enough trouble without a cell phone. Just think of all they can get into on the unsupervised web in hands reach. And, by saying "my child would never do that," you are just fooling yourself. I am sure they have already looked up all the nasty words in the dictionary.

  2. What were you doing at an elementary school dance?

  3. Okay, my daughter (11) has a cell phone and doesn't do that. We are not paying for text, we are not paying for internet, but we are paying for basic service on it. The flip side to the coin is, we can reach her and she can reach us at any point in time...if she got into a situation where she was going to BE molested, maybe the phone would be her escape route?!?

  4. Alyssa .... you are smart like me.
    Eva ... it was across the street ... Valentine's Dance
    Anonymous ... that's different. you are a good parent. it's not the phone service i have an issue with. heck, if i could afford it, my little ones would have cell phones just to go to the park and be out of my sight. it's the texting and internet service. and i agree with you about being molested and the phone being an escape route! we are in agreement!

  5. would've been looking up all kinds of naked people and probably instant messaging all kinds of pedophiles.


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