Wednesday, February 10, 2010

House Cleaning Services

So this is probably slander or libel or something like that ... heck, I don't know the definitions of those things. One of them is saying untrue things about someone, but this is actually true.

So I'll never hire a house cleaning service because my ex-husband used to be a manager at one of the biggest ones out there ... and he totally stole stuff.

So if you have a house cleaning service and you notice things missing, NAIL THEIR BUTTS TO THE WALL ABOUT IT! You probably aren't experiencing Alzheimer's symptoms; you are probably being stolen from.

These are the things I think about while I'm vacuuming with a baby in my arms!


  1. Slander/ is saying something untrue, the other is putting something untrue on paper.

    I'd risk it if I could afford it. The more they stole the less I'd have to worry about cleaning and eventually they'd steal their way out of a job.

    I've had cleaning services in the past...I didn't miss anything :)


  2. I'm blessed to have a cleaning service (thanks to my wonderful parent's) and they have never taken anything....or not that I've noticed anyway! However, I'm always home when they are here so that probably helps! I make sure I don't keep any expensive jewelery or cash lying out when they are here. Wouldn't want to temp them.


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