Friday, January 15, 2010

3-Month-Old Babies

As you can see, Samuel is doing quite well at just over 3 months of age. He has this congestion problem thingie that keeps me up at night a lot sleeping upright and squirting saline nasal spray up his schnoz, but he's growing, sleeping and eating well, so I let it go. In this pic he's on my dad's lap (shirt says The Beatles) with his Chatter Elmo, an excellent toy that can be turned off.

I thank God daily for the NICU care he received and that he was born so quickly.

We love you, Sammy-san, my little bald boyfriend and man of a thousand nicknames.

Below, with my cousin


  1. look at those big eyes! what a cutie...and reminds me of the boys when they where babes. miss ya

  2. Such a cutie! Riley has the same penguin outfit :) I have a little obsession with penguins...


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