Saturday, December 5, 2009

Pampered Chef Stoneware

This is a weird mixed review. I love Pampered Chef's stoneware, especially the 9x13 baking pans. They bake everything so well and so evenly. Nothing burns, and they are easy to clean. Heavy, but still a good product. Twice now, though, I've had a 9x13 baker break in half on me IN THE OVEN WHILE I WAS COOKING A MEAL. And no, I didn't have the oven on high heat and hadn't put cold water on it or anything crazy like that. I figured you'd ask me that, since I'm so clearly NOT a great cook (or housekeeper, just ask my husband).

Frustrating and messy. I tried to get a replacement, but was beyond the 3-year warranty period. First I had to tell them the name of the hostess I bought it from and the date of the show. I was like, YEAH RIGHT. I can't even remember YESTERDAY, let alone when I bought a freaking baker. But I winged it.

So I love the product; hate the warranty. And the fact that it breaks during the cooking of a normal meal.

Has anyone else had something like this happen to them?


  1. I'll ask around...funny you should get two that are problematic though...I'd be ticked..those things are pricey!

    I'd go with a cheaper version if the warranty sucks and they are breaking.

    I'll let you know what I find out.


  2. I've had two round Pampered Chef stones break while cooking in the oven. Once while baking fish. Was thawed and not frozen. The other time baking a danish braid thing with a PC recipe. Unexplainable. Both times, out of warranty. I did have a regular PC consultant, and she fought to get me a replacement the first time and had to send back a piece of the broken stone to get a new one. Consultant said she'd never seen that happen. The second time I was on my own, no replacement and had to wait for a birthday, so my mom could gift me a new stone.

    It's a startling pop/crack sound that comes from the oven. Even though it's been several years since this has happened, I'm cautious every time I put my stone in the oven now. Just waiting for it to happen again.

    I looked at the ones at hte kitchen stores and wasn't impressed with how thin they are. Just not the same. OH! Don't you hate having to start over on a bare, unseasoned stone? Ya gotta pile up months of food love on there before it all tastes right again.

  3. This happened to me TONIGHT! My large pizza stone is now in 4 pieces :( I just happened to see your post while searching for information on the warranty. Bought mine online instead of from a consultant and I actually even have the receipt still. I heard a funny noise while my biscuits were baking and peeked in the over to see it split into quarters!

  4. I hate this for us! My step mom buys me something similar to this every year so I'm building a nice stockpile of 9x13 bakers, but I still miss my PC stonewear, which probably costs like a million bucks by now. Pretty much worth it :-)

  5. Garage sales are the name of the game for cheap PC products. Bought a 9X13 pan today for $1.00! Check Craig's List too. Still pretty pricey on Ebay. Good Luck!

  6. Just happened to me tonight...My roommate made lasagna as usual and it just cracked in half....I also am beyond the warranty period (2006) and even my friend hosting the party can't remember the lady who presented. The worst part is not being able to afford a new one & probably wont for quite a while. It was the best product I had in my kitchen...loved it. Thanks for the post, you might have saved a life, LOL.


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