Wednesday, December 23, 2009

McLoughlin Family Christmas Letter 2009

I love getting Christmas letters, but hate writing them. My first draft always sounds like I'm trying to hard to be funny and like Mother of the Year. Then it sounds braggy. Then it sounds too self-deprecating, like I'm trying to downplay all my blessings and good fortune and am looking for something to complain about. So below is the final draft of this year's letter. I decided to just go with normal. I also added some cute little symbols, like a cross for Joel taking First Communion, a swimmer for Michael learning to swim, a music note for Callie wanting to sing (her first "when I grow up I want to be..." was to work at McDonald's), a present for Eva ripping into gifts, a smiley face for Sam hanging on me all the time, an airplane for Aron not traveling and a martini glass for me trying to concentrate on homeschooling (as if I'd rather be drinking). Enjoy ...

Dear Family, Friends and Neighbors,

Merry Christmas! We hope you are all happy and healthy. Here’s what’s been going on in our growing household:

Aron’s travel was minimal this year (he’s on his 11th year with CSI), which gave him some time to tear apart our main bathroom and redo it entirely. As of this writing he’s tiling the floor. He also took on the job of Den Leader for Joel’s Cub Scout den, takes the boys to Religious Ed class every other Tuesday night and took them on 3 fishing trips. He was the hero of the year when he put up a zip line that Ellen Jones gave us in the backyard.

I’ve been writing when I get the chance … assignments for Kansas City Parent, then selling the reprints to other magazines. I like keeping up my blog (, collaborating on another (, writing e-books for fun and sales letters/blog posts for companies. I stare longingly at my scrapbooking projects while I concentrate on homeschooling.

Joel (3rd grade) received his First Communion in May, then in the summer tried his hand at baseball and started going off the diving board at the pool. He enjoys delivering our Meals on Wheels route, Cub Scouts and spending the night with Poppy (my dad). When he grows up, he wants to own some sort of nature sanctuary on Truman Lake.

Michael (1st grade) likes to make interesting things out of just about any material and taught himself cursive this fall. Although he doesn’t want to be an official Cub Scout until next year, Michael attends all the den meetings and participates in all the activities. He learned to swim on his own over the summer. He wants to work in a museum when he grows up and “make the art.”

Callie enjoyed going to 15 different nature centers and museums for the Ernie Miller Passport to Adventure. She likes to sing, dance and color and can write her name. She also loves to have her nails painted by Tutu (my mom). She wants to dance, sing and be a Rescue Hero when she grows up.

Eva is our Tasmanian Devil … into everything and keeps us on our toes with her writing on the walls and herself, dancing on the table, destroying her siblings’ stuff, etc. She’s a happy little imp and chases the other kids around. She enjoyed playing at all our different pools this summer and loves going “bye bye.” Currently we’re teaching her to stop unwrapping the presents under the tree.

Samuel Scott (a.k.a. Samwich or Spam) is our 7th family member. He was born October 7th weighing in at 7 pounds, 7 ounces (labor started at 7 a.m. and he spent 7 days in the NICU due to meconium aspiration). He’s a sweet boy and loves to be toted around and held by his brothers and sisters, although he spends most of his time hanging out on his mom.

We’re praying everyone has the best year ever in 2010. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Love from Aron, Kerrie, Joel, Michael, Callie, Eva and Samta Claus McLoughlin


  1. Great letter! Sounds like you found the perfect balance with that one. We have yet to delve into those Christmas letters for the very reasons you mention at the beginning. But, I, too, have always enjoyed getting them, sometimes for the pure pleasure of laughing at others. (is that bad?!) ;)

    Hope you have a great Christmas!

  2. I never do Christmas letters because mine always sound so smarmy to me when I have attempted them. Yours is perfect. What is the Ernie Miller thing you mentioned? We are only a 5 minute drive from there and I need to find some more outdoor things to do this year. Merry Christmas!

  3. Hey Kerrie,
    Yours was nice! I personally hate Christmas letters because they are so dreadfully braggy. I know I should never say it but I hope I never write one! You did a nice job with fun and accomplishments.
    Merry, Merry to you and your family.

  4. Kerrie - honestly I absolutely hate Christmas letters. Hate getting them and I tried sending them once or twice and hated writing them. I usually get way too much information, like my brother's wife's mother told us all that my brother and his wife took my mom's dog after mom died and renamed her. An eleven year old dog renamed....give me a break. And in a Christmas letter to boot. I especially hate them when the authors of the Christmas letter are older and have grown children and we hear about ALL of the remodeling their children are doing....I could go on and on and on. I just want to know you all are safe and happy. That is all I care about. Sorry about being the grinch but that is how I feel on this Christmas eve night......Aunt Sharon

  5. With all those 7's you really need to play the lottery or go to the boats!


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