Sunday, October 11, 2009


Saturday Aron and I got to hang out at the hospital for hours while my mom took care of the kids and they were actually GOOD! Eva didn't even cry ... amazing! Sam got his feeding tube out of his nose, moved to a big-boy crib, and I got to try to nurse him (so far I'm empty, but still pumping, and our nurse said her milk didn't come in until Day 10 while she had gotten to take her own baby home on Day 9). Saturday night Aron took the 3 oldest kids up there (only 4 people at a time, so no family picture so far). Here are some pictures! Ignore the creepy IV in Sam's head ... he wiggles too much to put it in his foot or hand anymore.


  1. IVs in the head gross me OUT!!! I was terrifed G would have to have one but, thankfully, it stayed in his hand.
    Sam looks sooo good! A doll!
    You are still well withint he normal range for only having colstrum, not milk. I also hear some women who have nursed alot may not get engorged, as their body regulated fast.
    And you are eating Jimmy John's? Yum!

  2. Yay! Lil Samwich is going to be better in no time. So awesome that you have family nearby that helps out!!

  3. Never had a doubt Sammie would pull out a quick recovery. Mainly because he is anxious to get home to his big happy house full of siblings.

    That and He knows mommie will get on his case. ;-)

  4. He looks good. My daughter had a IV in her head at two days old for dehydration. But I wish they would have put in her head first. We had to sit and watch them put it in both arm and legs first. My husband was all teary eyed. He hates needles.


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