Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nose Picker

I’m getting pregnanter and pregnanter, so forgive me for thinking this is hilarious.

Excerpt from The Laid-Back Mom’s Parenting Guidebook (available for purchase down the left side of the blog)
I don’t mess with pajamas at bedtime for my kids or for myself. We just wear comfy clothes that we can fall asleep in = the ultimate in lazy!
Tip: If your kids don’t want to wear underwear, that’s less laundry for you.
If you could get away with wearing a onesie in the summer and footie jammies in the winter all day every day with no shoes or hair bows or other useless junk, wouldn’t you? Maybe it’s just me.


  1. Nah. It's not just you. We just go to bed in our clothes here, too. Though with certain people "forgetting" to wipe, underwear is a necessity LOL.

  2. I let my kids wear what ever they want to bed too. And my son who is potty training usually runs around all day in cotton training pants and nothing else.

  3. Haha I love the facial expression in the picture. I use to get my kiddies dressed, but then they figured out how to take their clothes off. So there is really no point unless we are going some place because five mins later their clothes will be M.I.A.

  4. In the summer I love just having a diaper on my baby or a onsie. At night, my boys love to sleep in their underwear. That solves the pj issue for me.


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