Monday, August 3, 2009

McDonald’s Playland Shrew

That’s me; I’m the shrew. This mom comes up to me at McDonald’s who I’ve seen around before and asks me what I’m having.

Me: “A baby.”

Her: “Of course. I mean, boy or girl?”

Me: “Yes. One of those.”

Later, she asks what my husband does for a job and I tell her he’s an engineer. She nods knowingly and says something about it being nice that he has such a good job so I can stay home [read: and keep popping out babies and buy some McDonald’s fries every now and then]. I tell her he doesn’t make the big bucks … that I’ve used cloth diapers and nursed for 8 years, we don’t usually buy new clothes, we drive used vehicles, we don’t live in a mansion we can’t afford, etc.

She was really very nice; just inquisitive. I wanted to tell her I’M the one who asks the questions around this town.