Monday, August 3, 2009

McDonald’s Playland Shrew

That’s me; I’m the shrew. This mom comes up to me at McDonald’s who I’ve seen around before and asks me what I’m having.

Me: “A baby.”

Her: “Of course. I mean, boy or girl?”

Me: “Yes. One of those.”

Later, she asks what my husband does for a job and I tell her he’s an engineer. She nods knowingly and says something about it being nice that he has such a good job so I can stay home [read: and keep popping out babies and buy some McDonald’s fries every now and then]. I tell her he doesn’t make the big bucks … that I’ve used cloth diapers and nursed for 8 years, we don’t usually buy new clothes, we drive used vehicles, we don’t live in a mansion we can’t afford, etc.

She was really very nice; just inquisitive. I wanted to tell her I’M the one who asks the questions around this town.


  1. So what did you ask her?? Come on, we want to know all about her. And is she done having babies yet? And how much does her husband earn? LOL

  2. When I was a pregnant waitress I had so many inquisitive people. I spent so much time explaining my life story to curious stringers I was hardly able to find the time to bring them food. Why was I working? What kind of man would let me work? What was the name? Are there any others? Are we done yet? What does your husband do? How old are you?

    I can never remember being that curious when I saw a pregnant woman. It is like you become fascinating the second a baby lump appears.

  3. YEAH! you have any chocolate on you? I could use a piece right now.

    Or--do you feel at all like rubbing my feet because I'm so awesome?
    Or--and I'm taking donations for the MacCult mini bus, care to contribute?

    ...Should I be alarmed that all of my suggestions include some form of extortion?


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