Monday, June 8, 2009

Ah, Johnson County, Kansas

I love contradictions. And if I can see one in my brain-challenged pregnant state, then it must be pretty blatant.

Recently our library held a Science Night (thanks for letting us know, Eva!). One of the stations was Johnson County Park and Recreation District, and they handed out their activities guide, a trail map, etc. in a plastic bag.

They also gave out a black Frisbee that said “Reduce Reuse Recycle” on it.

Here’s the problem: the Frisbee is a piece of crap. It’s cheap plastic and all bent and doesn’t even work. Last time I checked, Johnson County was one of the 25 richest counties and home to the 4th richest city in America (referred to the OC of the Midwest). They can't afford a decent Frisbee?

AND it doesn’t have a recycling number on it, so how the hell am I supposed to RECYCLE it?

If it was a quality Frisbee, I could certainly REUSE it over and over for many years. I guess I could use it as a plate, but God only knows how many kinds of cancer I could get eating off that freaky plastic.

I think they need to REDUCE their staff by one moron who made this business decision.


  1. Hey, hear the guy who killed George Tiller got arrested in JC. Bet if it happened in my hood we'd know where it was down to the street address, but rich folks are allowed a little respect/ privacy. :]


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