Monday, June 8, 2009

Ah, Johnson County, Kansas

I love contradictions. And if I can see one in my brain-challenged pregnant state, then it must be pretty blatant.

Recently our library held a Science Night (thanks for letting us know, Eva!). One of the stations was Johnson County Park and Recreation District, and they handed out their activities guide, a trail map, etc. in a plastic bag.

They also gave out a black Frisbee that said “Reduce Reuse Recycle” on it.

Here’s the problem: the Frisbee is a piece of crap. It’s cheap plastic and all bent and doesn’t even work. Last time I checked, Johnson County was one of the 25 richest counties and home to the 4th richest city in America (referred to the OC of the Midwest). They can't afford a decent Frisbee?

AND it doesn’t have a recycling number on it, so how the hell am I supposed to RECYCLE it?

If it was a quality Frisbee, I could certainly REUSE it over and over for many years. I guess I could use it as a plate, but God only knows how many kinds of cancer I could get eating off that freaky plastic.

I think they need to REDUCE their staff by one moron who made this business decision.