Friday, May 22, 2009

What Kind of Mother?

Takes her 4 kids (plus one in utero) to the liquor store for 2 boxes of wine and 2 cases of beer?

The kind of mother who is harried because her son’s First Communion is in a couple of days and she has many other errands to do, none of which are open past 9 p.m. like a lovely liquor store!

Then I tried to have Joel carry out one of the boxes of wine because I had Eva on my hip, but the chick who worked there told me that’s illegal. So we made a joke about him spending his First Communion in jail. I think jail sounds like a vacation with free food and all the books I can read, so why am I so damn straight-laced all the time?

I never used to WANT a drink, but lately I think a glass of champagne would be wonderful. Only, of course, I CAN’T. The liquor store chick and I also joked about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and how I have enough on my hands and don’t need a kid born with THAT … isn’t that sick?

I have to go read the blog called Mommy Needs a Cocktail now … (it's on my blogroll on the left).


  1. I know. Missouri possession laws are wacky. Carrying something out to the car or scanning a UPC symbol at a checkout should NOT be something that is made a big deal out of.

    The cashier sounds like one funny lady! FASD is some real riot. Good grief. Did you tell her that the alcohol doesn't mix with your methamphetamines real well? What a jerk.

  2. Ohhh... misread that. If *you're* kidding about it, at least she didn't think you were drinking, driving, pregnant and well... an interesting character.

    I hope you have a great First Communion! I didn't realize you had parties with all that. :]

  3. When I was pregnant and bought beer for my husband at the store I would get some looks. I would stagger a little on my way out just to for giggles. I never drank while I was pregnant and found it so funny that everyone tells you one won't hurt. I say that is just a excuse selfish people use. It was annoying that people were trying to get me to drink.

  4. And I come from the era where we drank all the way through our pregnancies and we took drugs too. And we didn't wear knee pads or helmets. There was no seatbelts and car baby seats were designed to catapult the baby through the window. I am glad that we know so much more and that God protected my babies from such a dangerous world. The laws are funny and it must have been quite a sight with the wine, the beer, the kids, your tummy and all. Kerrie, you are so funny. I considered having a big drink from time to time but I have become such a good girl in my old age. Besides there is nothing in a drink that cannot be accomplished by a good massage therapist. . .smiles

    The Raggedy Girl


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