Sunday, May 24, 2009

Text Messaging Annoyance

I recently had to get a new cell phone after three years. I didn’t have the text-messaging service turned on with my last phone, and it’s not on this one, either. I’ve heard all the reasons why people from age 5 to 95 love text messaging: it’s nice to pop off a note without bothering the recipient (who may be in labor or at work or school), it’s quicker and easier than e-mail to ask your husband to pick up some milk on his way home from work, you can call your boss an idiot during a meeting without him/her even knowing it!

Here are my crazy reasons for hating text messaging:

1. It’s rude. I hate having a conversation with someone and hearing their phone jingle or sing or vibrate or … bark. The message beckons to them, and they get all jittery and anxious until you give them permission to read it.

2. It’s addictive. I love when the text-message receiver grasps their phone like it’s a life raft, as if they simply have to know who has texted them the super-intelligent item such as, “LOL” or “What are you wearing?” or “I’m so bored.” Watch your teen try to live without texting for one day … it’ll be fun!

3. It makes it too easy to have an affair. Just read messages from your lover under the table and respond when you can. Your spouse never has to know. It’s a stretch, but I contend that texting is contributing to the delinquency of human beings in general.

4. It’s why my hairdresser didn’t give me the !@#$ cut I asked for. Instead of listening to me, she was texting her next client. Later she kept stopping in the middle of my blow-dry to text again. See #1.

5. Wouldn’t you think texting makes it easy to cheat on tests? Teachers have it bad these days … they have so many devices to compete with, as if teaching isn’t hard enough. How do you take away 30 cell phones at the start of each hour, then give them all back as the kids leave? Or do you just get tired of the whole thing and try to ignore it while the kids are setting up sex dates via text message?

6. It’s expensive. Just ask my cousin, who ran up several hundred dollars’ worth of text messages once before getting the unlimited texting option.

7. Driving while texting and “sexting”. Enough said.

The next time you start to text, consider how potentially inane your message really is. It’s just one more technological “breakthrough” that has become a pain in the thumbs.

I’m so curious to see what Paul has to say about this since he’s practicing just “being” … doesn’t texting get annoying to him when he’s trying to meditate or get or give a massage? Or is he polite and just turns off his phone for hours at a time? And if he turns off his phone, what’s the point of even having text-messaging? Isn’t the point of it the urgency? Let's all text him right now. His number is 555-555-5555.


  1. I can't imagine that texting wouldn't lead to poor grammar as well. You know they don't have semi-colons on those things, nor yet quotation marks and stuff.

    Of course, I say that now. I also said I'd never get onto Facebook and now I have 50 friends! And I never get out! Ok, everyone else has like 763 friends, but whatever.

  2. I agree - addictive. I have a blackberry and genearlly turn it to "phone only" unless I'm:
    a)going to be sitting for a while in the carpool line w/ my 3yo who's coloring contently
    b)kids are in bed
    c)kids arent up yet
    d)husbands home and I'm working on the weekend

    I work from home, so I do have to ck emails often, but the part that annoys me is that some people will text to say "whatcha doin?" WTH??? Just call me, but then I don't answer my phone - well, see all of the above.... I set priority ringtones, husband, parents, work - otherwise unless I'm truely "free" I just ignore the phone too.

    Technology is great, but can TOTALLY annoy the he*% out of me!!

  3. Great post! I have found for me that I have been setting computer limits:

    One Yahoo e-mail group of seven years standing, they are my pals!

    One blog that will not consume my life.

    Computer moved out of the living room to my office. Limits time spent.

    No Facebook, Twitter, Cell Phone with or without texting, or any other computer program that takes time away from my main job...

    There has got to be limits and right now I think there are a lot of people living a 100% Electronic Life!

    The Raggedy Girl

  4. I text, from time to time. It's all about bringing balance to this human experience. If I continue to bring consciousness to the here and now, I am able to participate in all aspects of life...without getting lost in it and allowing it to control me. I've come to know that our true nature is energy and allowing. The ego exists to enable us to engage in this 3rd dimension experience and be what we are: God reflecting God to God's Self. Texting fits into that experience for me at times. I am very confident that each person knows how this particular technology (as well as all other) best fits into his/her experience.

  5. I have a job in my church where texting really comes in handy. And all the texts are useful and not pointless. I agree that the people who text stupid stuff are, well, stupid. What's the point? Technology can be good and bad. :)

  6. yeah, paul, or maybe some people become addicted to it and ignore their family?! but i guess that's supposed to be their experience here on earth?

  7. Get a new hairdresser! I can't live without my Crackberry, but that is beyond acceptable!

  8. I was recently talked into text. I don't do it a lot. The thing i hate the most about it is that my husband text good night when he works nights instead of calling. I don't think he realizes how much it bothers me that if we only see each other for a few minutes a day I would like to at least here his voice before I fall asleep. I also hate having a conversation with someone and having them text or answer there phone.


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