Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Going Greener by Having Your Coffee at Home

Even though I recycle and have cloth diapered and breastfed for 8 years, I’ve been feeling crappy about how many to-go coffee cups of mine end up in the landfill. I saw something on TV about how those cups are waterproof so they take forever to break down.

So I’ve been making mochas at home … nasty, calorie-laden mochas. Here’s how:

I brew some coffee, any coffee. I dump some powdered creamer into a coffee cup, then a bunch of powdered hot chocolate mix (buy the big ole tub of it!) or chocolate syrup. Then pour in your coffee and stir. If you’re really bad like me, you’ll add some whipped cream to the top! If you want to be a little healthier, put in powdered milk instead of creamer. Oh, and rinse out your Starbuck's cup from yesterday and just re-use it til it gets nasty.

Plus it saves a lot of money, which helps when your 401(k) is totally tanking. Yeah, I know you should live in the moment and all that, but sometimes you have to look to the future and be responsible … as far as the future of our kids and the landfills and as far as your own financial future. But that’s another blog post.